Sunday, October 7, 2018

Hello guys how are you I hope you are also fine
so I am coming with another money sorry online money making app which is called the PIVOT and you can earn upto 4 Bitcoin yes it's true
You can earn upto 4 Bitcoin and it's really true
Today I will show you how to you on the phone Bitcoin absolutely free so let's start
First of all you have to install an PIVOT app
you can find the link for installation given below
When you click on the link you can see page which need a Google account to download the app
After download from Play Store you have to login with the same Google account which is you choose earlier
Now open the app and login with Google id
then read any article in the app
You will start earning
You cand convert that points to BTC and redeem it
So all the best thanks for visiting
Download the app here