Wednesday, December 14, 2016

5 Youtube Tips And Tricks

YouTube has become progressively common over the past couple of years. it's the quantity 2 program (owned by the quantity one search engine) and it's calculable that three hundred hours of video is uploaded to YouTube each minute.

1. Watch It Later

If you have got found a video that you just don’t have time to look at immediately, you'll put it aside to look at it later. To do this, 1st you have got to form positive that you just area unit signed into your YouTube account (you would like a Google account if you don’t have already got one.) Once the video is au courant the screen, click on the black bar slightly below the video.  On the rear bar, towards the proper hand facet you may see a clock icon. Click on the clock icon and it'll transform a inexperienced check. currently the video has been saved to your ‘Watch Later’ list. To access this list, click on the menu button at the highest left beside YouTube, then scroll down and click on ‘Watch Later’ and you may notice all of your saved videos there. to get rid of a video from the Watch Later list, follow a similar method however click on the inexperienced check to show the icon into a clock.

2. Change Playback Quality / Turn Off Autoplay

If you have got a slow net association, you'll amendment the playback quality of the video. To do this, click on YouTube settings (which is found on the black bar slightly below the video) then toggle through the standard choices. the upper the standard, the a lot of information measure the video uses.

You can additionally use this same settings buttons to show Autoplay off, so ensuing connected video doesn't mechanically begin taking part in once the one you're looking at finishes. Turning off Autoplay is my counseled tip for fogeys, as you ne'er recognize what video can begin taking part in next for younger viewers. there's a toggle on the highest paw facet on top of ‘Up Next’ videos that additionally permits you to show off Autoplay.

3. Repeat the Same Video Over and Over and Over…

While this trick is not an official YouTube-owned trick, it can be useful if you feel like watching the same video over and over again. Let’s say you can’t get enough of the new Star Wars trailer. You find the trailer on YouTube and the URL looks like this:

Go into the URL field and add the word ‘repeater’ after the word youtube, so that the URL now looks like this:

When you hit refresh, it will open the video in other site with a continuous playback loop so that you can watch the trailer over and over. Note that this will not work with Vevo music videos.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are tired of using the mouse, here are some handy keyboard shortcuts that you can use while watching YouTube videos.

Space bar: To pause, Un-pause a video

Side arrow keys: To fast-forward and rewind a video

Number keys: To send you to different parts of the video. i.e. 1 = 10% through the video; 2 = 20% through the video, etc.

0 (Zero) key: Sends you back to the beginning of a video

Home/End keys: Takes you to the beginning or end of a video

5. YouTube Newswire

A few months back, YouTube added their YouTube Newswire channel. This channel curates uploaded clips and videos that are relevant to current events. It can provide you with different points of view on current news stories. The Newswire channel features global and regional feeds based on your location. You can also subscribe to a daily newsletter, so that you get the latest videos sent to your inbox.

Do you have any other YouTube tricks or tips that you’d like to share? Then leave a comment below.


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