Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Backup WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive

Now nowadays we tend to teach you guys the way to Backup WhatsApp Messages with google drive in barely few straightforward steps. you only faucet on one google drive possibility and your whatsapp messages chat backup is hold on into your connected google drive account on automaton device

WhatsApp is currently utilized by billions of users world wide on differing types of devices robot smartphones, iOS, blackberry etc. several of smartphones users face the memory house problems on their phones as a result of they store heap of songs, hd videos and photos etc so that they face “Insufficient memory” issue. folks square measure very keen about whatsapp and lots of of them store backup of their chat with friends etc. thus WhatsApp recently resolved this issue for robot users by adding Google drive possibility in whatsapp. you'll backup of your whatsapp chat directly into google drive. Don’t worry regarding security as a result of your backup is saved in hidden folder named App knowledge that isn't accessible by the user. It solely access by your whatsapp account.

Now, It is very easy to take backup of your whatsapp chat with google drive. You can also choose the time to backup of your whatsapp chat like daily, weekly or monthly basis. to Create a whatsapp backup you just need to tap chat backup and your backup is ready to upload in google drive. Google drive is a trusted service and make your backup task easier and also save your phone space.

Steps to Backup WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive:

1. Firstly Open your WhatsApp account and go to top right corner and click on three dots. now you see the drop down menu.

2. Click on the last option “Settings” and then you see the whatsapp main settings page. Tap on “Chat” Option.

3. Now it will open the all chat settings now you can see the “Chat Backup” option just click on it.

4. In Chat backup you can checkout your chat backup history that when the last time your backup is taken with time also.

5. Now Click on “Backup to Google Drive” and small pop up box will open in where you need to choose time after which you want to take whatsapp chat backup like daily, weekly or monthly basis.

6. Now you successfully backup your whatsapp chat to google drive


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