Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Here's the WhatsApp link you should never click

Continuing its flurry of updates, electronic messaging large WhatsApp recently determined to drop a video business feature on its users.

This is clearly a welcome introduction for those wanting to create picture-in-picture calls across variety of platforms, with a voice business equivalent already offered. individuals were antecedently forced to show to services like Apple's FaceTime or Skype.

But it isn't all excellent news, because the recent update is additionally apparently the foundation behind a malicious scam designed to steal personal info.

Recently received a link asking you to activate the feature through a website? Well, do not click on that.

If you do, you will be redirected to a faux web site carrying a malicious code designed to reap all of your personal details. Of course, this could then probably result in fraud and fraud. Eep.

If you were convinced enough to follow through with this "process", you will even be asked to ask your unsuspecting friends and, obviously, unfold the injury.

The issue has already been reportable in a very variety of states, with Indian's Ministry of data Technology and Telecommunications even cathartic an announcement on the scam.

"Keeping in mind the recognition of WhatsApp with electronic communication users, it's vital that the Pakistani users area unit attentive to this scam in order that they will take immediate measures to limit exposure to its information protection consequences," the statement scan.

This isn't the primary time users are hit with potential fraud, and it will not be the last. like all on-line apply, take care to avoid links you do not acknowledge or suspect.


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