Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Whatsapp is that the widespread mobile traveler app and is turning into additional and additional widespread day by day. once it launched in 2009 it solely will send messages to others than it involves pictures, videos, voice messages and lots of things. Later, once it Facebook buys it in $19 billion, they launched voice vocation feature and conjointly build it freed from value. They conjointly amendment AN look of Whatsapp and currently there's more} feature get added in WhatsApp by Facebook many days agone. Video vocation feature, you'll currently video decision to any of your friends with only 1 click from Whatsapp. Video decision feature in Whatsapp is simply formally free the new update of Whatsapp.

We tried it additionally and located it in no time and correct with no issue occurred throughout the video decision, many folks additionally notice it best video occupation feature ever. it's additionally turning into additional and additional standard however with the discharge of Whatsapp Video decision feature folks additionally started creating and causing messages on WhatsApp that if you wish to urge this new feature click on below link and one thing like this. folks started mistreatment phishing techniques to hack folks personal knowledge and id. You don’t have to be compelled to do something for activating WhatsApp video appeal your mobile. Today, we tend to area unit here to inform you all regarding WhatsApp video decision feature and the way to activate it.

If don’t see the video occupation possibility on Whatsapp in your mobile then don’t worry you simply have to be compelled to follow some few steps to urge video occupation options on your mobile.

Steps to get Whatsapp video calling feature :

You don’t have to do anything for getting video calling feature for your WhatsApp, only you have to do is to update your WhatsApp app to a new version of Whatsapp messenger app.

  1. Go to Google Play store .
  2. Search Whatsapp in a search bar.
  3. Open Whatsapp app option.
  4. You’ll see update option there, Update your WhatsApp app.

Now you can use Whatsapp video calling feature and can do video calling with your friends and family. If you are getting problem or errors while doing the video call, first check your internet connection but if it is working well then you have to download Whatsapp beta version which basically uses for testing purpose and have latest features. If you to install the beta version of Whatsapp then follow below steps to install in on Your mobile.
Now nowadays we tend to teach you guys the way to Backup WhatsApp Messages with google drive in barely few straightforward steps. you only faucet on one google drive possibility and your whatsapp messages chat backup is hold on into your connected google drive account on automaton device

WhatsApp is currently utilized by billions of users world wide on differing types of devices robot smartphones, iOS, blackberry etc. several of smartphones users face the memory house problems on their phones as a result of they store heap of songs, hd videos and photos etc so that they face “Insufficient memory” issue. folks square measure very keen about whatsapp and lots of of them store backup of their chat with friends etc. thus WhatsApp recently resolved this issue for robot users by adding Google drive possibility in whatsapp. you'll backup of your whatsapp chat directly into google drive. Don’t worry regarding security as a result of your backup is saved in hidden folder named App knowledge that isn't accessible by the user. It solely access by your whatsapp account.

Now, It is very easy to take backup of your whatsapp chat with google drive. You can also choose the time to backup of your whatsapp chat like daily, weekly or monthly basis. to Create a whatsapp backup you just need to tap chat backup and your backup is ready to upload in google drive. Google drive is a trusted service and make your backup task easier and also save your phone space.

Steps to Backup WhatsApp Messages with Google Drive:

1. Firstly Open your WhatsApp account and go to top right corner and click on three dots. now you see the drop down menu.

2. Click on the last option “Settings” and then you see the whatsapp main settings page. Tap on “Chat” Option.

3. Now it will open the all chat settings now you can see the “Chat Backup” option just click on it.

4. In Chat backup you can checkout your chat backup history that when the last time your backup is taken with time also.

5. Now Click on “Backup to Google Drive” and small pop up box will open in where you need to choose time after which you want to take whatsapp chat backup like daily, weekly or monthly basis.

6. Now you successfully backup your whatsapp chat to google drive
Guys, Facebook is that the Best Place to share Your photos, Videos and different Media. Facebook have large choice of options like Facebook Page, Facebook teams, Events, Notes Like things that may additionally facilitate to market your Content. currently these days we have a tendency to area unit planning to Discuss concerning Facebook teams. it's the Place wherever you'll Perform Discussion concerning any Niche rely upon your cluster. In Facebook cluster there area unit several cool options like every of Post solelyis simply announce in group After the Approval of Admin therefore therein means you'll create your cluster a higher place of dialogue wherever you'll only Approve the acceptable Posts that facilitate others and Solve issues too.

Sometimes we'd like a good Audience to debate any Agenda thus we tend to Manually Add Members in cluster one by one. thus these days we tend to take away that One by One factor. you'll currently “Add all Friends to Facebook cluster by Single Click” you merely ought to Follow the Below Steps to feature all Facebook friends in any cluster in mere at One Click. It will solve several of your drawback and Specially Save your Precious Time that you simply will use in another Tasks.

Steps to Add All Friends To Facebook Group :

  1. First Login to your Facebook Account.
  2. Open that Group in Which you want to add all of Your Facebook Friends.
  3. Now Press F12 Button no Matter you using Firefox or Chrome. It Works on Both.
  4. Basically it Open the Browser Console.
  5. Now Copy & Paste that Script in [ This Link ] and Hit Enter.
  6. Your Browser May show some types of Refuse Error Don’t Worry It is add your Facebook Friends to that Group Successfully.
Guys, Here we tend to once more go with New Facebook Trick. someday it should useful for You. You Already recognize that Facebook is that the most wanted Social Media web site and have Billions Hits per Day. individuals use it for amusement, Uploading Photos, Videos, Feelings and plenty of a lot of Stuffs. however generally you'll be Send associate unsuitable message to Your Friend or Relatives thus you wish to Delete all Messages Before They browse thus, Delete every Message One by One take an excessive amount of Time thus, we've got a Facebook Trick to Delete all Facebook Messages quickly in Single Click. you only ought to transfer a Chrome Extension from Google Chrome internet Store.

Backup Your Data First 

Guys Once admit That square measure you guaranteed to Delete All Facebook Messages as a result of a while we've got some vital data in our Messages like Your shopper data, Confidential information and a few alternative information that you simply solely obtainable in your Inbox. therefore 1st create a Backup of you Facebook information Before Delete all Facebook Messages.

1. Login to your Facebook Account. Go to Home >> Settings >> General.

2. In last of Option you find an Option to “Download a Copy” of your Facebook Data.

3. Just Click on it and it will Make Archive file of your Facebook Photos, Videos and messages etc

4. Send it to your Email that you Confirmed with that Account.

Steps To Delete all Facebook messages at once :

1. Go to Google Chrome Web Store and Search For “Facebook – Delete All Messages” named Extension. It’s Adds-on is also Available for Mozilla Firefox.

2. On Next, Click on that Extension and Hit “Add to Chrome” Button. This will added a Facebook – Delete All Messages Extension in your Chrome Browser.

3. Guys, Now You need to Login your Facebook Account to Delete all Messages with this Chrome Extension.

4. Now Click on Messages or You Open your Inbox and you see all the Chat History that you done with your Friends Previously.

5. Its a Show Times, You need to Check your Right Top Corner in your Chrome Browser. There will be a Small Icon of that Extension. Just Click on it.

6. When your Hit Click and a Notification bar comes up Where you again Click “Launch”. It will show you a Pop Up Confirmation that you really want to Delete all Facebook Messages.

7. Click “OK” Button and in Few Seconds you see that your all Inbox Chat History is Deleted.
Previously, we will Share several Facebook Tips & Tricks and these days, am Gonna Show however you'll Use Facebook traveler at intervals Chrome Browser from Your Desktop. Facebook Users ar Increasing Day by Day and a few of Users UN agency ar underneath employment and Busy in another vital Task. They Can’t ready to Check Their Messages and Notification. So, These individuals haven't any Time to Reply to others thus we've got an answer that it's a Google Chrome Extension that assist you to Reply Your Messages in only One Click. there's no got to Open another Webpage to see your Facebook Messages simply Click on Chrome Extension and a conversation box can seem wherever you'll move along with your Friends & Relatives. Facebook traveler is currently out there for all Platform currently that point together with mechanical man, iOS etc. thus Here is Chrome Extension From that you'll Get Similar expertise Like Facebook traveler as different Platform.

It will build Your Work terribly simple, Reply your Friends and purchasers quick in only One Click. you'll additionally use Stickers, Emotions and connect any File, image and video among traveller. thus This Post is for people who square measure Busy in Work, simply Use this Chrome Extension to simple Their Work to Reply Your Friends and Relatives in simple method

How to Use Facebook Messenger within Chrome Browser ?

1. Go to Chrome Web store and Download This Chrome Extension (Download Here).

2. After Download and Added to Your Chrome Browser you can See a Facebook Messenger Icon on the Top Right Side.   

3. Just Click on Blues Messenger icon and Chat Box will Appear Where you can Chat with Your Friends. You can Also make a Normal and Video Call from This Facebook Messenger Extension.

NOTE : If You Remove This Facebook Messenger Extension From Google Chrome. Just Go to Chrome Extension Page Where you can see all Installed Extesnsion and Find Facebook Messenger and Un Check or You can Delete from Google Chrome
Facebook Trick to ask All Friends On Facebook Page in One Click Step by Step. it's terribly Time intense once we Invite our Facebook Friends One by One thus Here is that the Best ways in which to ask All Friends On Facebook Page in One Click One is by Chrome Extension or another is by mistreatment tiny Script. it's typically Increase your Facebook User expertise and There area unit several Facebook Tips and Tricks which will be You ne'er recognize. Our Purpose is to supply a Step by Steps Guides to show you ways you'll do that on web simple means.

1. Firstly, Download This Chrome Extension From WebStore (Facebook Invite All).
2. After Successfully Added in your Chrome Browser Then Do The Real Thing.

3. Login Your Facebook Account and When you Open Facebook You can See a Tick on Top Right Side.  

4. Now Open your Facebook Page Where your Invite Your all facebook Friends and Click on “Invite Friends to Like This Page”.

5. Now Guys Show Time, Click on Black Tick that Show in Top Right Side and Chrome Extension can Automatically Send an Invitation to your all Facebook Friends in Few Seconds. You can see in Below Picture that how Invitation is Automatically Sent to all Friends.

There are Many More Way to Invite All Friends on Facebook Page in One Click But This is the most Reliable and Easy Way to Do This Facebook Trick. It is Not Officially by Facebook But This is Easy to Get More Like on facebook Page without Wasting any Time to Click on Many Invite Buttons.

Learn How to dam Apps Game Notification on Facebook in few Seconds. it's terribly easy to stop these Annoying notification from Facebook Games and Apps.

After desegregation Games Feature in Facebook will completely a brand new factor on Social Media. you'll be able to Play a many your required Game on Facebook and you'll be able to additionally chat along with your Friends at Same Time. however typically it become therefore Irritating once friends Send you a Games or App Request with none Reason. therefore Facebook even have an answer to drawback. Friends on Facebook Consecutively send Annoying Apps Request. you'll be able to stop any Game or App Notification Like Candy Crush adventure story, Farm Heroes and Dragon town etc. therefore Below is easy Steps to stop Games and App Request on Facebook.

How to Block Apps Game Notification on Facebook ?

  1. Log in Your Facebook Account. Go to Settings.
  2. Now Jump to Blocking Tab and You can see Managing Blocking at Right side Where You can Block People, Pages, Apps and Event.
  3. Find Block Apps and Enter a Game name that you Want to Block.
  4. All is Done, Now in Future There is No Annoying Games and Apps Request.
Note: You can additionally Stop App Notification by an alternate technique. when move to Setting Click on Notification and realize “App Requests and Activity”. choose Edit and choose your required Apps and switch Off that App that Disturb you whereas mistreatment Facebook.
Here we've one thing superb that currently you're ready to Track Facebook Profile guests simply by a straightforward Facebook Trick. there's not a Facebook Feature and Offered by Facebook. you'll be able to Get and every one the List of the Facebook Profiles World Health Organization visit on your Facebook profile. On Facebook, each User needs to visualize that World Health Organization is on the Q.T. read their Profile. So, That why we have a tendency to share this Crazy Facebook Tricks to trace Profile visitant.

Now, nowadays we tend to square measure about to show a Facebook Trick to trace Facebook Profile guests. this is often not formally allowable by Facebook however several of Geeks or laptop Worms realize the way to trace your Profile guests in Facebook Page read supply. Facebook has not additional this Cool Feature as a result of they are doing not need to Reveal data concerning Profile guests. currently on the net this is often the very hip trick to trace your Facebook Profile traveller. folks need to grasp WHO is Open Their Profiles and See their footage and standing. it's terribly Cool Trick that you just will currently realize WHO is Visit on your Facebook Profile.

How to Track Facebook Profile Visitors ?

  1. Log in your Facebook Account.
  2. By Default you are on Facebook Home Page But If you are not Go to Facebook Home.
  3. Press CTRL+U and a New Window Open Where you see the Source Code of Facebook Page or You can also Do it By Right Click >> Open Source Code.
  4. Now Press CTRL+F and Search for this InitialChatFriendsList and You will see that Many Profile ID’s starting with 1000 is the Facebook Profile ids. You can Pick up any ID to see who is visit your Profile. In Below Picture You see that there are many People who View Facebook Profiles Secretly.

5. Use These Profile ID’s like and Paste in Browser URL and See People who Watching you.
6. These all are Facebook Profile IDs who is Visiting your Facebook Profile.

7. Now you need to Pick Each of Profile Code and use this Process Again and Again. This is Little Complicated but 100% Working Trick.

This is Very Easy Trick to Track Facebook Profile Visitor and See Who is Watching you in Their Free Time and It may be your Lover, Hater, Relative or a Friend. Hackers are also View your Facebook Profile first before to perform an attack on your Facebook Account. 

Continuing its flurry of updates, electronic messaging large WhatsApp recently determined to drop a video business feature on its users.

This is clearly a welcome introduction for those wanting to create picture-in-picture calls across variety of platforms, with a voice business equivalent already offered. individuals were antecedently forced to show to services like Apple's FaceTime or Skype.

But it isn't all excellent news, because the recent update is additionally apparently the foundation behind a malicious scam designed to steal personal info.

Recently received a link asking you to activate the feature through a website? Well, do not click on that.

If you do, you will be redirected to a faux web site carrying a malicious code designed to reap all of your personal details. Of course, this could then probably result in fraud and fraud. Eep.

If you were convinced enough to follow through with this "process", you will even be asked to ask your unsuspecting friends and, obviously, unfold the injury.

The issue has already been reportable in a very variety of states, with Indian's Ministry of data Technology and Telecommunications even cathartic an announcement on the scam.

"Keeping in mind the recognition of WhatsApp with electronic communication users, it's vital that the Pakistani users area unit attentive to this scam in order that they will take immediate measures to limit exposure to its information protection consequences," the statement scan.

This isn't the primary time users are hit with potential fraud, and it will not be the last. like all on-line apply, take care to avoid links you do not acknowledge or suspect.

Think you are a Facebook pro? reconsider. Sure, Facey-B might need dominated the past decade of your on-line activity, however there is a smart likelihood you are still not obtaining the foremost out the world's biggest social network. thus set your ego aside and listen up, it's lesson time.

Believe it or not, Facebook's not simply that friendly very little blue web site you post sottish photos to. Squillions of development hours are place into this factor, filling it with all manner of options you may not remember of, together with this ton.


If you haven't detected concerning this already, what rock have you ever been living under? Seriously, it's Facebook's worst unbroken secret associate degreed it's an addictive  time-sap of a game. Scurried away at intervals Facebook traveller, the basketball-based artifact helps you to challenge your pals to shoot some hoops directly at intervals the chat window.

It's not one thing you are seemingly to stumble across either. To play, you wish to send your friend a basketball emoji then click on the sports-themed pictogram. this may launch the sport over your chat, with each players' high scores being logged within the feed.


We all know how to find Facebook's message inbox - heck, they put little red numbers over it every time you get a message - but did you know there's a second, secret message inbox? No? Didn't think so. This is the stomping ground of all the messages you're sent from people not inside your Facebook friends group.

There are probably far more messages than you're expecting, you just need to know where to look for it - it's secret, not signposted after all. To get there, open the Facebook Messenger app and click Settings >> People >> Message Requests >> See Filtered Requests and enjoy a list of four -year-old messages you lucky thing.


Facebook's original favorite feature - jab - still lives, really. Who knew, right? The social media equivalent of associate workplace harassment nightmare may not be the front-and-centre feature it once was, however it's still there if you recognize wherever to seem.

That place is not one thing you are seemingly to stumble across tho'. On a friend's profile page, click the "…" next to the 'Message' tab that sits over their cowl image. this can launch a computer menu that has, amongst alternative things, the power to own a decent old' poke. It's Facebook circa 2007 and that we am fond of it.


Facebook has become the best way to keep track of people's birthdays. However, it can get a bit much. When 90% of your smartphone alerts are Facebook's birthday reminders, or Domino's telling you they've a new offer, things need to change. It's no way to live.

You can switch off birthday notifications to your phone altogether though. If you go Settings >> Notifications >> Mobile, you can easily ditch the celebratory reminders. Huzzah, now we can go back to forgetting our best friend's special day, just as nature intended.


Horror films don't have anything on the worry of tanning your previous phone on eBay, then causing it off still attached to your email and Facebook - arrrgh. you do not essentially need to begin dynamic  your passwords promptly tho'. Facebook enables you to see each phone and browser that has been, or that is, accessing your Facebook account, so place a stop to them with a click.

To get to this screen, use the web interface and tap the drop-down menu at the top-right of the display. Select Settings >> Security >> Where You're Logged In. Here you'll be able to see all your log-ins over the last few months. Safe again, phew.

Fake Facebook Accounts is Proving out to be a new Trend on Facebook. in all probability 20-30% of total Facebook Accounts square measure pretend or perhaps additional, This range is Anticipated to be Increasing in Future. pretend accounts on Facebook square measure primarily Created with associate intention to Spam everywhere Facebook and unfold Virus. many of us produce pretend Girl’s Profiles to Dupe Some innocent Fb Users too.

Its unhappy that Facebook Can’t establish pretend Facebook Account and Delete all of them Manually , and One shouldn't expect it from Facebook as a result of obvious Reasons. however affirmative they're going to undoubtedly Block your account if you send innumerable Friend requests to Unknown individuals and if you post or Comment Spammy Links over and yet again. Facebook Catches you and so next time once you try and Login once more, it asks you to spot Photos of Friends, this is often wherever pretend Account Users Get Caught.

But This Don’t Stop Spammers to make another pretend Facebook account, therefore during this article we'll Discuss Some Tips that may assist you to spot pretend Facebook Account simply, in order that you don’t fell in their Traps, Report that Account to Facebook which is able to facilitate to create Facebook Safer to any or all folks.


1) Profile Picture:

  1. First Thing we tend to see concerning any Facebook account is their Profile image, If you discover any Facebook Account on your Friend list suspicious, very first thing you may do is Use Reverse Image Search. This helps you discover out if Similar footage area unit obtainable on net. initial transfer the Profile image of the account you discover suspicious
  2. Goto Google images Click on Camera icon which says Search by image, Click on Upload an Image, now choose the Picture you  had downloaded earlier , Now once the uploading Completes, google will show you Similar Images that already exist over internet.
2) Timeline:

  1. The Facebook timeline of a Facebook accounts says lots that Profile. Most faux Profiles have “Female” as a gender, this doesn’t Mean all fb accounts with “Female” Genders area unit faux, There area unit several different things to spot faux Facebook Account.
  2. if thier photos folder shows only 1 or 2 Pictures that too of random Celebrities then probably its fake.
  3. if the Person doesn't update standing, or if he will, the Comments doesn't scan like his Real friends or the profile doesn't comments on others standing,then its possible to be a pretend profile
  4. The “About” tab can provide you with a lot of info concerning the Profile, if the “About” tab don’t show you any information concerning the persons profile then that is a sign concerning pretend profile
3) Wait for 1st january:

  1. This is reasonably Funny, Why Would one anticipate first Gregorian calendar month to spot pretend Facebook Account, Well pretend Profile manufacturers most likely Enter first Gregorian calendar month as their birth date whereas making pretend account. therefore on first Gregorian calendar month, Facebook can Show you those that have birthdays nowadays. undergo that list and Unfriend them if you do not apprehend them in person.
  2. On 1st jan 2016, i was shocked to see 30 people Having thier birthday, Guess what i performed the above Proccess.
4) Girls Profile :

  1. Most of the faux profiles area unit created with woman Identity and with a stunning face as a Profile image, you will even realize telephone range, ladies Hardly can Share their Contact range publically.
  2. A girl Profile with Lots of Friends and Followers indicates a Fake Profile.
These were some tips to Identify Fake Facebook Account , which i wanted to share with you all, if you find any Fake profile then you and your friends can report it to facebook.
Hey guys apologize for not updating TechLevel with Fresh Content Regularly in Recent times. But there is a Good News, because i am back with yet another Facebook Trick. Today we will see How to Recover deleted facebook messages,Photos and Videos and much more on facebook.
Basically its a Facebook Feature which not many people are aware of and hence i will be writing this tutorial to let you guys know about this amazing feature/Trick that Facebook Provides.

Many a times We Delete Messages,Photos or Vidoes from our profile which is not intentional but once we do , we can not undo it. and its gone forever.
But wait, There is a saying: Nothing is Lost, until MOM can’t find it, Likewise in this case even if you delete anything from your facebook account, you can get it back. Facebook have all your data in their archive which you can download too.


Follow the Below simple steps to Know how you can get back and have access to your deleted messages, photos,Videos and all other data of your facebook profile.

Step 1: First of all,You will have to Click here to open Facebook General account Settings.

Step 2: Once you open your general settings, you will see Download a Copy of your Facebook Data, So click on it to.
Step 3: On the Next page you will see a Download Archive Button, Click on it and you will be prompt to enter your Password to Continue, This is a Security Step by Facebook.

Step 4: After entering your Facebook Password, Click on Submit, On the next screen you will be shown that the download link for your data will be sent to your email id which you used to create your facebook account.

Step 5: Wait for Few Minutes, check your mail. You will see a mail from facebook in your Inbox with Downloading link ready for you to download all your data.

Step 6: Now After downloading the file. Unzip it and open the folder where you will find your messages, photos, vidoes. Pokes, Friend list etc.

The Files will be in .html format so you will have to double click on the file and select your Favourite Browser to open the file, the File will open up in your browser where you will have access to all your data..

I Hope this guide will help someone or other who didn’t already know that you can actually Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages,Photos and Videos. Don’t forget to Share it with your friends if you like it and you may even Subscribe for New post, to get directly in your mail inbox.